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I prayed that my food would be good in spite of the reviews and it was! On top of that, I was really impressed with the delivery guy on his bike who brought my food up to the 21st floor. It was an overall good experience.


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Food was good. Grub hub driver never showed up at the restaurant to get the food, had to go pick it up myself. Gave a five star review for the restaurant because everything was good and personal on their end.


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The BBQ- was Awesome. They forgot my bake beans but who cares when the BBQ- taste amazing!!! Go Robinson Ribs! Grub Hub delivery man was pleasant and professional. Happy Independence Day!


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Looks like they took the feedback and improved their service and quality. I ordered rib tips and pulled pork for some of my office members and they loved it!


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Food was exceptional, meat was very tender. Got a piece stuck between my teeth, saving it for later. Love the bbq aroma, could wear it as perfume.

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When Charlie Robinson was growing up on the Mississippi Delta, he learned the secrets of his family recipe by watching his grandfather barbecue for their family and friends. Then in 1982, when Mike Royko, a Chicago newspaper columnist, declared a barbecue rib challenge, boasting that his ribs were the best anywhere, Charlie entered. A panel of judges wasted little time in declaring Charlie's ribs the "Number 1 Ribs" in Chicagoland. In 1983 he opened Robinson's No. 1 Ribs.